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We started under the name James Ellis Stevens in 1990.  James had finished college, was looking for work and started selling his mother's art to local shops in the Buckinghamshire area.  These were a success and it made sense to turn them into prints.  Soon shops were asking for the prints to be framed and a framing workshop was established in his parent's garage.

A few years went by and we began to publish work by other artists. Our style evolved and we were approached by a greeting card company that was interested in publishing the prints as cards.  We decided that this was something we wanted to do ourselves and so, in 1997, we published our first range of greetings cards.

Fast forward to the present day and we now work from our Bristol studio in a lovely old converted paint factory.  We focus on publishing cards, stationery and personalised stationery using designs from a selection of wonderfully talented artists. Our company name is James Ellis Stevens Ltd and we trade under the name James Ellis at this address.

In 2013 we launched our sister company MadeByEllis.com specialising in personalised notebooks, gifts and stationery.


Who we sell to

We supply independent stores, multinationals and distributors around the world. Please contact us if you require details of our distributors overseas or if you are interested in stocking our cards. Here are a few of the places you can buy our products:

Our Aims

To design and publish the best cards and gift stationery that we can. To supply and service our customers in the best possible way.


The Environment


We try to be as environmentally firendly as possible. Our cards are printed on paper using wood pulp sourced from sustainable forests. We use environmentally friendly vegetable based inks, and starch based biodegradable packaging. Our office is run by wind power from Good Energy and we donate any spare materials we have to the Children's Scrap Store in Bristol. 



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