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      An Illustrated Alphabet by Julie Fletcher for Made By Ellis

      An Illustrated Alphabet by Julie Fletcher for Made By Ellis

      One of our most popular designs, the illustrated alphabet by Julie Fletcher, can be found on notebooks, photo albums, thank you cards, invitations and even writing sets!  Each letter has been designed with care and feels completely unique. Whether it's Aardvarks in aeroplane around the letter A, or unicorns on unicycles with the letter U, each letter is full of fun and charming characters.

      We first began discussing the idea of an illustrated alphabet in early 2015. It was an idea that instantly stuck although it was also clear that it would be a project that would need to take its time. We emailed back a forth with Julie for a few months, and ideas slowly began to form. There was a lot of brain storming trying to come up with cute and quirky things to match each letter, some proving trickier than others! Q, N and U stumped us the most!

      Julies kept us up to date with how things were progressing and the sketches she sent over only made us more excited to finish the range! 

      Julie Fletcher Illustration         Julie Fletcher Illustration

      As the range developed, more ideas were generated, and some letters proved challenging.  In an early sketch the letter V contained a vulture, volcano and vests and we imagined this sort of note accompanying a gift:

      Dear Veronica

      I saw this vulture, the vests and Volcano and thought of you.  Happy Birthday


      However, eventually, we decided to let the illustrations speak for themselves and let the customers see how many alliterative illustrations they could spot in the designs! 
      Each of the letters has been designed in three colour-ways- pink, blue and green. There are even some letters with little differences per colour, something which really adds to the special and unique feel of the range. It was a mammoth task, one that took over a year to complete, but it was definitely worth it! Julie gorgeous style really brings the letters to life and the imagination behind each design is wonderful! We hope you love the range as much as we loved creating it!
      Find more of Julie's work for us here. 
      PS.  In the end the letter V included a viking, violin, a van, some veg and vitamins!