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      Blog — Greetings Cards

      Celebrating 25 Years with 2500 Trees

      Celebrating 25 Years with 2500 Trees

      2022 marks our 25th anniversary of publishing cards! We wanted to celebrate the occasion in a meaningful way that reflected our values as a business. After a little bit of thought we decided to set ourselves the ambitious goal of planting 2500 trees in our 25th year.

      Reducing our environmental impact has become increasingly important to us in the last few years. Reaching our goal of planting 2500 trees would be a great way to celebrate 25 years.

      We have created a grove of trees with the fantastic charity Trees for Life. For every donation of £6, Trees for Life plant a tree in a protected site in the Scottish highlands within 12 months. We've started our grove with a donation of 231 trees, and will be donating more throughout the year.

      We know our suppliers and customers share the same environmental concerns that we do, and we're hoping with your help we'll be able to reach our goal of 2500 trees. Everyone who makes a donation, small or large, will be featured on our grove page here.

      We're really excited to see our grove of trees grow, and we're hugely grateful to anyone who is able to help. If you would like to plant a tree (or a few!) in our grove you can do so here.

      Easter Cards for Ukraine

      Easter Cards for Ukraine

      Like so many people around the world, we have been thinking about what we can do to help those fleeing the conflict in Ukraine. Inspired by the colours of the Ukrainian flag, we decided to create a limited edition Easter card pack to raise money for the Disasters Emergency Committee's Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal. Each pack costs £7 and 100% of this will be donated to the DEC.

      At the time of writing at least 3 million people have fled their homes in Ukraine. Donations will help DEC charities provide food, water, shelter and healthcare to refugees and displaced families.

      The Easter cards were designed by artist Klara Hawkins. Each pack contains three blue bunny designs and three yellow chicken designs, with kraft paper envelopes. They will be available to buy on our website here until Friday 8th April.

      You can read more about the DEC's Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal here make a direct donation to the DEC here.

      James Ellis Black Friday Sale 100% to Environmental Causes

      Black Friday - We gave 100% of our sales away.

      We had an unusual sale this Black Friday.  I recently read about how the Patagonia clothing brand had given 100% of their sales to environmental causes from Black Friday several years ago.  We thought this was a wonderful idea and we decided to do the same this year.  

      I’m delighted to announce that we managed to raise £3536 which we have donated to Avon Needs Trees, an organisation that we’ve been involved with before that is involved in buying land in the Bristol-Avon catchment area for reforesting.

      Many, many thanks to all our customers.